Looking for a Licensed Property Management Company in Rock Hill, SC?

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Rock Hill, SC is a thriving city that's experiencing a lot of growth. As more people move into this developing area, take advantage of the rising need for rentals by leasing out your house, apartment or workspace. Not sure you have time to maintain a rental property? No worries. That's where MTL Properties comes in.

Rely on our fully insured and licensed property management company to take care of everything from household repairs such as roofing and remodeling, to screening new tenants. We'll make it easy to rent out your residential or commercial property.

How can our family-owned property management business help you?

No property management task is too big or too small for our experienced property management pro. You can:

Save time by letting us collect rent, handle tenant disputes and complete deposit returns

Reduce stress by hiring us to handle all the paperwork and pay the bills for your property

Make more profit by trusting us to find new tenants quickly and maintain your property year-round

We even offer new construction consultation services for local property owners.

To start taking advantage of these benefits, call 803-525-4220 now.

Find out why local landlords are hiring us

You have options when it comes to choosing a licensed property management company, so why hire us? For starters, our company's owner has provided professional investment property management services in Rock Hill, SC since 2016. Because we're a small business, you can count on us to offer you our undivided attention.

Need a new construction consultation? We can do that too.

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